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Logo CelluleSCAN 57a28Team specialized in surveillance and detection of suspicious behaviour during events, in public places and on surveillance cameras

Detection of threats without being seen1

The goal of the SCAN cell team is to make nonverbal analysis specialists available to organizations. SCANs can identify threatening activities and suspicious behaviour in order to notify the security teams and follow the previously established procedures.

The teams of nonverbal specialists patrolling “at-risk” locations represent a prevention tool for the security teams in place to detect and neutralize potential attacks.

Terrorists are adapting their urban warfare strategy to create a climate of fear. More and more troublemakers are present in protests. The SloganANG cdf31population is worried by the increasing number of threats and people are now becoming more reluctant of being part of a large crowd. These are just a few examples of the new realities the authorities and private security must deal with, as well as citizens who have to be particularly mindful of their environment. SCAN's services are the answer to a real and urgent need. It represents an opportunity to integrate new and unique tools to increase the level of security and thus demonstrate that organizations are active in implementing new and preventive safety measures.

Our teams are flexible and available to provide behavioural analysis services when and where they are most needed to prevent risks.

The SCAN CELL must act as a prevention tool and be proactive while observing to quickly allow interventions before any event occurs.

Conducted by CCCG inc., research remains an invaluable asset for SCANs in order to always perform at the highest level and exceed the expectations. It represents a key element of the services offered.


You are in need of...
A team of non verbal experts specialized in the detection of threats for an event?
Or a SCAN (CS3) to watch the surveillance cameras and observe suspicious behaviour?

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SCAN angl 5a64aThe SCAN training combines Synergology and security and is available at different levels depending on your needs (group certification for your team or organization, individual training, SCAN certification level CS1, CS2 and CS3). The training includes several video analysis and field practices:

  • Get the SCAN certification and by this specialization, be distinctive in your work team. You can also offer your services to the CCCG Inc patrol team contractually, according to your availability
  • Choose an intensive group training for corporates, organizations or government instances in order to obtain a SCAN certification for your team
NEXT TRAINING : March 26 to 29, 2018 - Montreal (dates will fallow soon for Canada, Europ and United States)

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Purpose of a SCAN certification for clients and security services

  • Improves the level of security for your clients and provides an important advantage for your teams
  • Recognize a suspect who’s lurking
  • Determine if the target person is working alone or with a group of people
  • Analyze gait, pace and cues of concealed weapons and anticipate their path
  • Identify signs of flight, hesitation, control, lies and more
  • Understand the importance of the environment and positioning
  • Provides a universal reference for international companies
  • The courses are based on an internationally recognized body of knowledge (IQS, IES, ISS, etc.)

Purpose of becoming a SCAN

  • Gives access to new research in nonverbal communication and analysis in order to improve their skills and have constant practice regarding the detection of malicious people
  • Provides a coherent and effective framework for SCAN development
  • Increase opportunities for advancement or employment
  • Validate knowledge and verify the competence of SCANs in the field
  • Question according to gesture
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