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Are you looking for a training that offers you practical knowledge applicable immediately?
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The lectures and training courses are both formal and interactive in nature and provide participants, in simple terms and using audio-visual presentations, with tools that are concrete, practical and easy to use.
Whether it is during an intervention in interviews, negotiations, verbal examination, management, mediation, in court proceedings, in representation or in hiring personnel, the new method of Synergology of understanding gestures technique, through study of the relationship between body language and verbal language, allows us to understand attitude, decode movement and reveal unspoken words.
  By learning better interpretation of another person’s unconscious language, we improve our own communication and, in so doing:
  • To increase the quality of our relations.
  • To adapt to the emotions, the reasons, forces and weaknesses that make an individual Act and react;
  • To check the level of congruence, conviction and consistency of a discussion;
  • Capture in the moment, what is happening in the environment and mobilize its ability to act on situations;
  • To anticipate the behavior by brain; strategies
  • To adapt interventions as they come
  • Understand the signs of truth or falsehood;
  • Validate our perceptions
The method of nonverbal comprehension is spectacularly effective, as evidenced by its contribution to team building in the areas of management, sales management, health, high security, the law, public relations, journalism and negotiating. In short, it has proved invaluable wherever the goal is to improve performance, build optimal teams and acquire special skills in the arena of competitive business dynamics.

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