Why decipher?

Lips inwards
Retaining significant information

Gestual decryption is used to read the other’s gesture in order to decode his interlocutor intentions, spot instantly positive and negative reactions, validate instinctive impressions, detect signs of truths and lies; in summary, understand the unspoken in order to better question.

Why have a training with our experts?

  • Professionally equip yourself, as well as taking into account its intuition
  • Develop your competences and grow your influence and efficiency
  • Understand personal signs and silence nuances in gestures
  • Convey the message efficiently during a public presentation
  • Manage delicate or strategic situations:
    -    Négociations
    -    Public speakings and speeches
    -    filmed events
    -    Interviews and speaking into a microphone

Our services highly contribute in different fields such as:

  • Human ressources and team management
  • Teaching, individual and group training
  • Security, investigations, intervention, police work
  • Sales, representation and customer service
  • Health professionals and social services
  • Education, communication and legal consultation
  • Public relations

Did you know that MÉDECINS DU QUÉBEC uses gestural decryption and establish a link between a screening test and a diagnostic test, which is the difference between the un ensemble de gestes (test de dépistage) and the contextual validation by questioning before proceeding to the diagnostic interpretation?

Isn’t it reassuring that, in Quebec, LAWYERS, POLICE OFFICERS AND THE MILITARYexercice good judgement by being knowledgeable in body language, in order to optimise their conclusions, beef them up, and protect the public?