What does synergology do?

Lips Inwards
Retaining significant information

Synergology teaches one to read the gestures of another so as to decipher the speaker’s intentions, instantly identify positive and negative reactions, validate his or her instinctive impressions, quickly detect signs of truth and falsehood, and understand the unspoken in order to ask better questions.

Synergology has proved very useful in the following areas:

  • Human resources and team management
  • Education, group and individual training
  • Policing, investigations, interventions, and public safety
  • Sales, representation, and customer service
  • Health and social services
  • Education, communication, and legal consultation
  • Public relations

Quebec doctors have also used synergology and have reported to us the link they are discovering between screening tests and diagnostic tests conducted while using this approach. This involves observing a set of gestures (the screening test) and validating those observations in the context of questioning before proceeding to interpretation (the diagnostic test). The context in which the gesture and its interpretation were made is key.

Synergology is a tool that can be used in any professional field. We find it encouraging that Quebec lawyers and police, along with Canadian Forces personnel have been sufficiently open and have trusted their judgment and decided to add synergology to their skill sets. Their decision to learn about non-verbal language will enable them to optimize and solidify their conclusions and thus better protect the public.

It goes without saying that synergology brings benefits in all spheres of work – because we all communicate all the time!