Our offer

The consultancy firm Christine Gagnon uses its expertise in gestual decryption training in synergology in order to improve its communication by measuring gestures coherence and by adapting its interventions. 

Considering the competencies in the field of synergology, the trainers and speakers of CCCG inc, experts in gestural decryption, help its clients in interpreting non verbal language in order to better understand people and to prevent malicious actions.

The trainings are fascinating, practical, and interactive in order to improve the skill of better reading the other’s gestures. The variety of programs are:

  • Conferences and workshops on non verbal language
  • Company trainings to improve observational skills, team managing, recruitment, investigation conduct or advocacy
  • Specific trainings in the security field in order to facilitate interviews, interrogatories and investigations
  • Personalized consultation and coaching that focuses on communication with others or the public
  • SCAN cell training
  • Behavioural analyst expert (Profilers) to analyses an individual or a group

All the listed above courses and training programs are constantly updated regarding the most recents discoveries in the field. This is possible from the collaboration between the firm and the Quebec Institute of Synergology researchers.