Elite groups

Elite groups - 5-day training

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These courses are aimed at security experts, whether they be investigators, experts in economic fraud or terrorism, police officers, military personnel, intelligence agents, or any others from the public, private, or institutional sectors. The courses are geared to the leaders and their teams. To maximize your experience, you will participate in videotaped exercises, which are studied and analyzed in order to deepen your knowledge and optimize your potential.

The "Elite Group" training will suit you perfectly because it brings together specific and powerful skills!

The body is the messenger of a great deal of information, and for those who know how to observe and interpret those messages, it can become a veritable foreign language dictionary! Learn to steer your interview and to direct you questions based on identified gestures. Here are some examples of modules within this program:

  • Nonverbal Behavior Analysis
  • Cognitive Examination
  • Word intelligence
  • Investigative Interviewing Model P.E.A.C.E.
  • Examination and personality disorders
  • Lie detection
  • Practical exercises
  • Other modules may be added upon request (e.g., non-verbal physical defense, for snipers, etc.)


"... The ELITE GROUP training was greatly appreciated by the participants. The evaluations clearly demonstrate that they found it useful and well suited to their work as investigators. This training has empowered them in their tasks related to interrogations ... "
-Director of investigation analysis and expertise, Government of Quebec.

Why Christine Gagnon?

Analyst-profiler, Christine Gagnon continued her training (100 hours of intensive coursework) in 2012 at the Institute of Analytic Interviewing (IAI) in California, where she was trained in interrogation.

Non verbal is an essential complementary element to the art of questioning, for example during an interview or an interrogation. To master the skill of questioning effectively and intelligently according to the gesture observed, Christine Gagnon also specialized in questiologie ©. This method is defined by " the art and the science to ask the right question at the right time ", a structured and concrete procedure to conceive valuable questions and multiply them according to the interlocutor and the situation.