Nonverbal Behavior Analysis in interrogation

Nonverbal Behavior Analysis - interview and / or examination situations - Training lasting 1 to 3 days

Arm-crossed for Protection with Closed Fists
Aggressivity and shutting position.

You face many situations that require your close attention – interviews to confirm information, even investigations into events. We can help you to enhance your existing toolbox of skills. Once you have these new tools, will you stay with your original impression or revise it?

A simple observation leading you to better redirect your questions might have made the difference.

This is how we can help!

You may be quite experienced in examination and simply wish to refine your abilities in the following ways:

  • Build trust and credibility through attitudes and behaviors that act in conjunction with what has been decoded from the other person
  • Readdress issues based on nonverbal cues to confirm statements made during an examination
  • Identify defensive gestures as well as signs of attack, submission, or strategy
  • Understand suspicious body language by a suspect during a frontline investigation or arrest
  • Identify and understand the indicators of doubt, evasion, closure, objection, hesitation, indifference, stress, speech control, interest, and commitment to better anticipate and react
  • Understand the importance of environmental factors, such as positioning of people and furniture during an interview (e.g., door, camera, position of the suspect ...)
  • Communicate based on the victim’s or suspect’s personality type
  • Understand the signs of truth or falsehood
  • Know, observe, and detect escape signals to better intervene during a hostage situation
  • Learn how to better observe and know when a double agent is ready to divulge information
  • We will prepare you to use a non-confrontational approach at all times. You will acquire new tools essential to successful interactions in which authenticity is prized. We will achieve this through actual interrogation screenings, group analysis, and scenes shot in class for practice and application of techniques to validate your perceptions.

Don’t you want to know what really happened? We will assist you to improve your skills in this regard.

Why Christine Gagnon?

Synergologist and expert in nonverbal communication, Christine Gagnon continued her training (100 hours of intensive coursework) in 2012 at the Institute of Analytic Interviewing (IAI) in California, where she was trained in interrogation.