To Catch a Lie

Detecting lies is part of non-verbal communication.

Most people attribute the following behaviours to someone who is lying: shifty eyes, change of subject, confusing speech. These items are not always present, however, as the experienced liar can master them.

The ability to detect falsehood requires special training. Since instinct is not enough, the techniques offered by synergology will help you to accurately confirm your intuition.

This tool will help you decode body language.

The authors' intention is simple: to write a book that could offer a practical working tool, easy to apply, and one that would become a solid reference for anyone who needs to know the truth.

There are three easy ways to obtain this book:

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Pays de livraison

The Mouth’s Unspoken Message (to come)

Micro-Scratching (under the nose)
"Unspoken Area" - mouth is hidden, fist is closed, head is down and eyes are avoiding contact.

Understanding what the mouth does not say!

Micro-movements are temporarily responsible for the shape of the mouth and its instantaneous changes. They are driven by our thoughts and impulses. They express, unbeknownst to us, our state of being, desires, antipathies, beliefs, suspicions, and our most unsuspected tendencies.

Analyzing the tricks of the mouth allows a better understanding of an interlocutor’s thinking.

The handbook "The Mouth’s Unspoken Message", includes:

  • The mouth’s micro-movements
  • Morphology of the mouth and lips
  • Possible links between hands and mouth
  • Strategic rules to logically interpret movements
  • When the hand moves the lips
  • The smile
  • Visual dictionary of the mouth’s micro-movements and their significance
Blinking eyelids indicates that we are taking "a picture" of a situation, that we are "inputting" information into our memory. If blinking is absent, our attention is temporarily suspended and directed elsewhere.