Clients & Testimonials

Some of our clients:

Administration canadienne de la sûreté du transport aérien (ACSTA)
Agence de santé et des services sociaux (ASSS) de plusieurs régions
Aide juridique de plusieurs régions
Association des avocats de la défense
Association des avocats de province
Association des communicateurs municipaux du Québec
Association des ingénieurs municipaux du Québec 
Association professionnelle des notaires du Québec 
Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE)
Barreau du Québec (formation continue à travers le Québec – jusqu’en 2015)
Commission des normes du travail
Centre d'analyse des opérations et déclarations financières du Canada (CANAFE)
Centre Fiscal Shawinigan-Sud 
Centre universitaire McGill 
Centre de santé McGill 
Chambre de commerce du Montréal Métropolitain et plusieurs autres au Québec
Chambre immobilière du Québec 
Corporation des officiers municipaux agréés du Québec
Commission des lésions professionnelles (CLP)
Plusieurs Commissions scolaires du Québec 
Young President’s Organization (YPO)- Panama Chapter
Forces armées canadiennes 
Institut des auditeurs interne du Canada
Jeune Barreau du Québec 
Journée d’étude des procureurs de la Couronne 
Juristes de l'état 
Justice Canada 
Médecins francophones du Canada
Metropolitain Police (Angleterre)
Ministère de la justice
Ministère de la Solidarité Sociale 
Ministère de l'Éducation 
Novartis Pharma
Procureurs de la Couronne/Avocats de la défense
Régie du logement 
Riverside SchoolBoard
Public Safety Canada (Ottawa)
Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS)
Correctional Service of Canada (CSC)
Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec
Service fédéral de médiation et de conciliation
SPVM (polices de Montréal)
Syndicat de la fonction publique 
Université Concordia 
Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)
Université Laval à Québec
Université de Sherbrooke
Université de Montréal
Université de Montréal - Polytechnique de Montréal
Université d'Ottawa
Ville de Montréal - Cour municipale
Ville de Québec – Cour municipale
Bureau de lutte aux produits de la criminalité, contre le crime organisé, à la malversation et corruption, équipe des fraudes
À deux reprises partenaires soumissionnaires avec le Dr Paul Ekman, à sa demande


A few testimonials from our clients:

Médecins francophones du Canada
October 2016 / Montreal
700 participants

" I would have liked a lot more presentation time. It is a rare subject and fantastically interesting. Excellent speaker. "
" Wow! I would have taken whole day of this! "
" Non verbal would help me a lot to treat my patients better. "
" Excellent speaker and fascinating subject. I really liked the videos, we wanted more .... To reinvite in the future. "
" Interesting and original presentation. Very relevant for the practice in office. "
" Excellent presentation!!! I would have liked having more time! Re-invite in a next congress!! Excellent presenter!!! "
" I will try to look more at the patient especially when I ask questions to better evaluate the reactions. Non verbal can help us ask the good questions. "
" Interesting and new. Very good thing to have conferences of this kind. "
" Excellent, funny and very appropriate presentation. "


Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: 2014 ACFE Canadian Fraud Conference

September 2014 / Toronto

150 participants

"...You were the highest rated keynote speaker at our Canadian Conference last month and I wanted to thank you for being there and being so easy to work with..." 

Allan Bachman, CFE - Association of Certified Fraud Examiners 


Industrielle Alliance, Assurance et services financiers / Investia
350 people in attendance

“... I wanted to tell you that people really enjoyed your conference. On Friday morning we surveyed the group regarding their satisfaction with the conference, among other things, and 98% responded that they were "satisfied" or "very satisfied" ... Bravo! We’ll reconnect in Toronto, and I'll be able to give you my own feedback, which, I assure you is very positive..."

Isabelle Paquet - Senior specialist in event planning


Canadian Armed Forces

Recruitment Centre for Prairie and Northern Canadian Forces


Calgary, AB

"... I wanted to personally thank you for the fantastic training you led in Calgary on May 6, 2014. All the participants found your presentation very stimulating and asked for more.

All the participants were captivated by your presentation and the information they received. They all agreed that what they learned will be useful throughout their careers, both as leaders and in their other roles. Many of them have already used their newly acquired knowledge and skills during their interviews, and most have requested additional training in order to practice these techniques and to learn more about synergology and its application in actual situations..."

Isabelle Landry - Major, Commanding Officer


Police Service in the city of Montreal SPVM

Training, investigators and patrol

"... In recent months we began training sessions, particularly related to interrogations. Ms. Gagnon was much appreciated by our officers because of her enthusiasm for her work and her ability to facilitate integration of the material through numerous concrete examples that relate to our practices. Her sessions were extremely well organized by providing information prior to the meetings and by the use of technical support and videos. An excellent educator, she teaches in a clear and precise manner so that all understand how to apply the concepts to actual situations. Further, our members were able to quickly put some of the elements learned into practice. I sincerely believe that in our profession, police officers can greatly benefit from understanding non-verbal communication.

Ms. Gagnon is passionate about our work and everything about the security field. Respectful of our work, her level of expertise can only help us continue to refine our own. In conclusion, we wish to continue our collaboration with Ms. Gagnon for future projects, including in research and assistance with interrogations..."

Claude Campeau - Detective Sergeant, training consultant, SPVM


The Police Ethics Commission

"... I want to emphasize that the comments made about your training were very complimentary. ..."

Hélène Tremblay, lawyer

Assistant Commissioner


Government of Quebec – Building control

"... The ELITE GROUP training was highly appreciated by the participants. Evaluations of the training show that it was useful and well suited to the work of the investigators. This training enabled us to better equip our investigators in their tasks related to interrogations... "

Steve Gauthier, Director of investigation analysis and expertise


University of Sherbrooke

"... Ms. Gagnon's professionalism, competence, and dynamism were not only noticed but were remarked upon in several positive evaluations from participants. The quality of the presentation and relevance of the content were also much appreciated. As head of the Peer Helpers program at the University of Sherbrooke, I highly recommend Ms. Gagnon's services. You can be assured of superior performance..."

Lucie Gauthier, M.Ps. psychologist, Peer Helpers


General synergology training - 240 hours


"Christine is an outstanding teacher. A conference or training with her is a sure bet. Organized and flexible, passionate and exciting, her teaching allows each participant to learn at their own pace, to move forward and understand the different concepts she is teaching while feeling more confident at the end of the day. "

Annabelle Boyer - synergology student, currently a synergologist and owner of ABC Solutions.


Quebec (City) Bar Association - Office of the President

Evaluation of a workshop with members of the Bar

"We wish to thank you for the quality of the conference you presented as part of the Quebec Bar Association’s training activities. It is clear that you spent a great deal of time and effort preparing the workshop, and this is very much appreciated. The event contributed greatly to our members' development."


Association of Quebec school board Administrators

General assessment of participants

"Vibrant conference, very colourful. Highly relevant content and easily transferable to practical application."


Canada Revenue Agency

Tax Centre in Shawinigan-South

Comments from the conference

Canada Revenue Agency

A preliminary demonstration by Ms. Gagnon made it clear that this conference would likely be well received by the managers in my division.

Indeed, the presentation about synergology and how it can be used to better decode body language, given by Ms. Gagnon during our management meeting on December 14, aroused great interest among my staff. At the end of the day, many of them told me that this was the first they had heard about synergology, and they are interested in learning more.

René Brouillette - Deputy Director, Tax Centre in South Shawinigan