Christine Gagnon – President and founder, CCCG Inc.

Nonverbal Behavior Analyst, trainer and speaker

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Ms. Gagnon has over 27 years of management experience, including fifteen years in the field of communication, and has dedicated her entire career to synergology since 2004.

Getting to know her a little bit better...

  • Ms. Gagnon has developed an innovative program that covers all the best non-verbal techniques in the areas of negotiation, intervention, high-level security, and in the legal field.
  • An associate of Philippe Turchet at the Institut québécois de Synergologie/Quebec Institute of Synergology (IQS)
  • Trainer accredited by the Institute of Analytic Interviewing in California, recognized for its expertise in interrogation by security firms and government agencies.
  • Non verbal is an essential complementary element to the art of questioning, for example during an interview or an interrogation. To master the skill of questioning effectively and intelligently according to the gesture observed, Christine Gagnon also specialized in questiologie ©. This method is defined by " the art and the science to ask the right question at the right time ", a structured and concrete procedure to conceive valuable questions and multiply them according to the interlocutor and the situation.
  • Co-founder of the Association québécoise de synergologie/Quebec Association of Synergology (AQS); Chair of the Board for more than four years; currently Vice President of the Association
  • Associate with the Institut de la communication efficace/Institute of Effective Communication (ICE)
  • Partner at Les Éditions Propulsion
  • Co-author of the book “To Catch a Lie”
  • Online trainer for the Barreau du Québec/Bar Association of Quebec for two years
  • Head Down : closed hand, right rotary axis of the face, micro-scratiching below the chin
    Doubt Hidden.
  • Member of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences at Laval University in Quebec for three years (training capsule in e-learning)
  • Author of non-verbal communication handbook, “The Mouth’s Unspoken Message”
  • Communicator invited to participate in various media – television, radio, and print – such as LCN, JE, Claude Poirier, Salut bonjour!, Moi & Cie, TVA, Radio-Canada radio, the Journal de Montreal, the magazine Coup de pouce, etc.
  • International trainer, speaker, consultant, and resource person (United States, France, Spain, England, Holland, Poland, Japan, and Panama)
  • Qualified trainer on cognitive questioning of suspects, victims, and witnesses, as well as regarding personality disorders and dealing with the intelligence of words in interrogation.
  • Volunteer for Cédrika Provencher Foundation, an international organization against child abduction.