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The team of profilers at Christine Gagnon Consulting firm includes specialists in the evaluation of communication and human behaviour, both individually and in groups.

The core team consists of Christine Gagnon, non-verbal language and linguistic marker analyst, Julie Salvador, voice and paraverbal indicators analyst, and Gilles Michel Ouimet, personality psychology analyst.

This core group is assisted by practitioners in the fields of law, economics, psychology, criminology, investigation and mental health. It also draws on the support of graduate and post-graduate university students and interns.

The profilers team offers a range of professional services that cover behaviour assessment and prediction, detection of nonverbal speech, situational analysis and analysis of organizational dynamics.

SERVICE - Behaviour assessment and prediction

Information extracted from the observation of human communication can be used as a measure of behavioural prediction thanks to the knowledge acquired in personality development and the resulting profiles.

Thus, an assessment interview with an individual or a group of people can lead to the establishment of patterns of past behaviours shown by an individual or a group during specific situations. Therefore, it is possible to define reliable hypotheses of the probabilities of behavioural reactions of these people in future situations.

Behavioural predictions prove to be an essential tool for estimating the results of a task, an operation or a negotiation to which these people could participate.

SERVICE - Detection of unspoken words in the speech

Human communication can be studied using both forms of language: verbal content and non-verbal content.

These contents can be associated with linguistic markers and can also be subject to an analysis of paraverbal components, as well as a psychological analysis.

The combination of these parameters allows analysts to determine the degree of accuracy or inaccuracy in the face of the reality presented and the facts reported, or in the face of contradictions inherent to an individual’s emotions and thoughts.

Applications of this type of analysis become very useful in the following situations: selection of candidates, interviews related to the administration of justice or negotiations of all kinds (political or commercial; crisis situations, hostage-taking, terrorist threats or military interventions).

SERVICE - Situational analysis

Whether in a judicial or security investigation process, in the assessment of the facts constituting a dispute file, in individual or corporate issues, or in critical situations, it is important to carefully reconstruct the course of events.

Using their tools, analysts can construct a detailed representation of the composition of circumstances based on the following categories: dates, facts, places, objects, persons, communications and interactions.

Thus, this analysis model is based on the development of a factual and interactive timeline. This extensive sequential analysis is useful to better identify cause-and-effect relationships, contradictions and cross-references in the information transmitted. It is thus possible to assess a situation while minimizing the negative consequences of decisions that would not have otherwise taken into account essential elements in the factual process and would have caused harm.

SERVICE - Analysis of organizational dynamics

Following Kets de Vries' work on organizational psychology, it is possible to consider that organizational groups, although focused on functions and objectives to be achieved, develop their own dynamics and personality.

These groups, under the observation of analysts, may present characteristics of their very nature, as well as latent and obvious psychodynamics.

Based on these observations and according to their mandate, analysts can contribute to the understanding of the development and intertwining of interpersonal conflicts that lead to issues and propose organizational interventions and operational solutions.


The services provided by the team of analysts-profilers at Christine Gagnon Consulting firm follow the highest standards of quality and meet the ethical standards and regulations of professional practice in force as established by the professional associations and orders to which the specialists belong.


Christine Gagnon

Synergologist and linguistic marker analyst, Christine Gagnon has developed an innovative program that covers the best techniques of non-verbal content, intervention, high security and legal field. A business leader, she has over 25 years of management experience and more than 15 years as an analyst, trainer and speaker in non-verbal content and investigation. She is frequently invited to various universities to speaks in workshops and conferences. President of the Consulting Firm Christine Gagnon Inc. and associate of the Institut Québécois de Synergologie, she is also a director and trainer of the Association québécoise de synergologie, of which she is also a co-founder. Co-author of the book Voir Mentir and a sought-after media expert, she has already completed more than 15,000 hours of training, analysis and intervention. Christine Gagnon has been teaching synergology in Canada and abroad in the professional and security field for 15 years now and currently works as a human behaviour analyst-profiler including interviewing, questioning methods and linguistic marker analysis. Her reputation expands across borders, particularly as a resource person in the United States, Switzerland, France, Spain, England, Holland, Poland, Japan and Panama. Christine Gagnon is accredited by the California Institute of Analytic Interviewing and has designed the Cellule Scan certification, an exclusive training and operations program with agents specially trained in threat detection.

Julie Salvador

Synergologist, specialized in the analysis of the paraverbal dimension, Julie Salvador has acquired a solid musical and vocal training (Institut Martenot, Studios Alice Dona, Studio Monique Cardinal) and is continuously improving through various approaches around vocal mechanics, acoustics and language sciences. Her experience as a musician and performer, with several professional albums to her credit, as well as her role as music director in various productions, has led her to refine her auditory perception and her ability to listen selectively. Having developed a particular interest in voice, she launched in 2010 B.A.O. Studio Voix (voice recording, courses, voice coaching), services she offers to professionals from different backgrounds. In 2014, at the end of her academic program in synergology, she presented her research work, Le paraverbal dans la dimension universelle de la communication, in which she designed a precise model of vocal analysis in accordance with the study of body language. She has conceived several training modules on voice analysis, taught at the Official Institutes of Synergology in Canada and Europe, as well as in some academic programs in Quebec at the university level. Academic coordinator and teacher at the Institut Québécois de Synergologie, she also offers training courses in various organizations. She also acts as a non-verbal communication consultant and as a voice and paraverbal indicators analyst.

Gilles Michel Ouimet

Gilles Michel Ouimet is the author of a thesis on criminal personality and personal responsibility and holds a doctorate in clinical psychology from the Université de Montréal. He has been a clinician and clinical supervisor at Douglas Hospital and Hôtel-Dieu de Montréal, head of the psychology department and clinical internship director at Hôtel-Dieu de Montréal, chair of the committee of heads of psychology departments in hospitals in Québec, director of the Ordre des psychologues du Québec, president of the Association des psychologues du Québec and instructor at the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children of the United States Department of Justice in collaboration with Interpol. He works, in private practice, in the fields of psychoanalytic psychotherapy, consulting psychology, psychological preparation of witnesses in court, clinical hypnosis and clinical supervision. He is an expert in court and holds four courses on psychocybercrime at the École Polytechnique de Montréal. He regularly gives training workshops, scientific conferences and media interviews. He is the author of a series of articles on clinical hypnosis and co-author of two novels on psychopathy and jealousy. He is a member of the Ordre des psychologues du Québec, the Association des psychologues du Québec, the Canadian Psychological Association, the American Psychological Association, the Société québécoise d'hypnose and the International Society for Hypnosis.


Christine Gagnon Consulting Firm

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