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The team of profilers at Christine Gagnon Consulting firm includes specialists in the evaluation of communication and human behaviour, both individually and in groups.

The core team consists of Christine Gagnon, non-verbal language and linguistic marker analyst, Julie Salvador, voice and paraverbal indicators analyst, and Gilles Michel Ouimet, personality psychology analyst.

This core group is assisted by practitioners in the fields of law, economics, psychology, criminology, investigation and mental health. It also draws on the support of graduate and post-graduate university students and interns.


These types of analysis can be particularly useful for the evaluation of these following situations:

  • Determine the role and behavior of every group member
  • Understand the situation and the complexity of interpersonal conflicts between individuals
  • Determine the degree of exactitude or inexactitude of a subject during an interview or interrogation
  • Interactional and compartmental analysis of an board od direction or of its new member 
  • Analysis of a candidate during an election or of the opposite side during legal procedures
  • Recognize the potential client before a meeting
  • All types of negotiations: political or commercial, crisis or hostage situations, terrorist threats or military interventions
  • Mediation: analysis of both parties before the mediation
  • Conflicts in a group
  • Drama and conflicts

These groups, under the observation of analysts, may present characteristics of their very nature, as well as latent and obvious psychodynamics.

Based on these observations and according to their mandate, analysts can contribute to the understanding of the development and intertwining of interpersonal conflicts that lead to issues and propose organizational interventions and operational solutions.

Using their tools, analysts can construct a detailed representation of the composition of circumstances based on the following categories: dates, facts, places, objects, persons, communications and interactions.


The services provided by the team of analysts-profilers at Christine Gagnon Consulting firm follow the highest standards of quality and meet the ethical standards and regulations of professional practice in force as established by the professional associations and orders to which the specialists belong.

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