Consultation and coaching

Pulling the Lower Lip Outward
Desire to speak, a thought that could be shared

We also provide personalized and private assistance to improve your communication skills with others or with the public to better convey your message. This might take the form of:

  • Specialization in deciphering and analyzing group or individual body language.
  • Enhanced fluency in the authenticity of your speech (which will in turn improve your message!)
  • Attention to a specific need, e.g., analysis of an interview, interrogation, or any document to obtain a report or recommendation (you can count on our discretion!)
  • Observation and advice with respect to gestures and whether they are consistent or not, conceptual strategies, emotional intelligence, the signs of doubt, lies, opening, and closing, etc.
  • Immediate interpretation of facial expressions and movements. Our professionals can be present and provide live analyses.